Terms of conditions

Terms and Conditions

The below mentioned terms apply to all of our services including, but not limited to national, international, construction and heavy machinery, distribution and project transportation, as long as different agreements haven't been made in writing. Any complaints must be made within 5 calendar days from the time of delivery.

Terms for international transports

If the Services are subject to regulations set out in international conventions or statutory legislation, these conventions or legislation are compulsory applicable to the Services.

All jobs are carried out according to AKV97 and the CMR Conventions and Nordisk Speditørforbund Almindelige Bestemmelser (NSAB2000) which limits our liability for lost or damaged goods to the amount of 8.33 SDR per kilogram of gross weight. Furthermore, there is a limit on delayed deliveries to no more than the freight cost itself and a maximum amount of 50,000.00 SDR per order.

Please pay attention to § 28, stating that all reimbursement claims can not be made after one year, and that the right to pledge according to § 14 includes all on going, as well as previous, jobs carried out. All expenses for delivery and additional fees agreed upon must be honoured regardless of the delivery terms of the trade according to § 11. If additional insurance coverage is desired, this can be obtained in a written agreement before pick up of goods. The terms below will apply.

Terms and conditions for national transports

The agreement will include insurance of goods during the entire delivery, including loading and unloading, or per job at a maximum coverage of DKK 5,000,000 per truckload. If additional coverage is desired, you must inform us before the goods are loaded. We are able to provide additional coverage regardless of the amount. Insurance will cover the timeframe beginning from the moment Stokholm Transport A/S begins loading the goods, to the moment the goods have been unloaded at its final destination.